YORK – York County Clerk Kelly Turner says early in-house voting will start next week at the courthouse.

For those who want to cast their General Election ballots early, in-person voting will start Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Registered voters just need to go to the election office, located on the main floor of the courthouse, and staff members there will provide ballots.

The completed ballots will then be held until the night of the General Election, when they will be counted with the rest that are cast at the different polling locations.

It should also be noted that, according to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office, the last day for early, in-person voting at the clerk’s/election office is Nov. 5.

Mailed and delivered ballots can be received Nov. 6 (the day of the election) but the cut-off time for those ballots to be received by the clerk’s/election office is 8 p.m.

That time, 8 p.m., is also when the polling locations will close throughout the state.

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