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YORK – After discussions about finding funding in order to fix and restore the York City Auditorium – and assure its continued existence and use – it appears some activity is now taking place toward that effort.

During a recent meeting of the York City Council, York City Administrator Joe Frei told the council that representatives of the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office met with some city officials “and walked us through the process and timeframe. We got a good feel of what we can do. There are tax credits available through the state, there are alternatives and options available. They talked about the steps to go through the historical preservation process, which we could pursue.”

Councilman Ron Mogul said he received an email from Dave Celease, following the visit. Celease, who is the National Register of Historic Places coordinator and the historic marker coordinator, said in his email (which Mogul read to the council): “It was great meeting with you and other members of the city council. I feel it was a very productive meeting in regards to evaluating the property for listing in the National Register. You have a great building that retains an incredibly high degree of integrity and appears to be in really good condition, despite the reported roof concerns.”

“I think a feather in our cap is that we didn’t let the building go,” Mogul said.

“I’d like to see community input on this, and I would like to see a group get together and get feedback,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “Over the next week or two, we will work on the process of getting people involved.”

“The first step is getting it on the national historic registry and then proceeding” toward available funds, Mogul said.

“The biggest part is going to be documenting the information as to why the auditorium is relevant, what it has been, what it’s done in this community, what it will be in the future,” Frei added.

Council member Sheila Hubbard said she was encouraged by the old newspapers and other materials possessed by the local historical society which will provide much needed information during the process.

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