YORK – The elderly woman, the second defendant in a case where she and her 80-year-old husband were allegedly transporting $336,000 worth of marijuana they said was intended as Christmas gifts, has not been jailed.

York County Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Vrbka said Barbara Jiron was cited in the case but was not jailed “due to some medical issues.”

It has also been clarified that Barbara Jiron’s age is 70. The sheriff’s department inadvertently originally said her age was 83. 

Her husband, Patrick Jiron, was taken into custody and booked into the York County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp. He has since posted 10 percent of his $100,000 bond and has been released.

This case began on Tuesday when deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Department stopped the Jirons’ Toyota Tacoma on Interstate 80, near the Bradshaw exit, after they allegedly saw the vehicle going over the center line and the driver failing to signal.

Lt. Vrbka said when they initiated the traffic stop, deputies could immediately smell the strong odor of raw marijuana. Dundee, the county’s drug dog, alerted to the presence of a controlled substance and a search was conducted.

Lt. Vrbka said the Jirons acknowledged that the marijuana was in the back of the pickup, under a topper, and deputies found 60 pounds of marijuana inside boxes. Because the marijuana was such high grade, the street value was equally high.

The couple told investigators, according to Lt. Vrbka, that they were traveling from California to Vermont and they intended to give away the marijuana as Christmas presents.

Vrbka said they also told deputies “they didn’t know it was illegal to transport marijuana in Nebraska.” 

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