Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas - York Public Schools’ Enrichment Center

News-Times/Steve Moseley - Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas stands in front of the building just north of State Farm Insurance on Grant Avenue downtown that will house York Public Schools’ Enrichment Center students and staff when classes resume in August.

YORK – A long-vacant building in downtown York will spring to life once again.

Monday night the York Board of Education unanimously approved a two-year lease on the space that lies behind the storefront between State Farm Insurance and the Cornerstone Bank location at Sixth Street and Grant Avenue.

The price of $1,000 a month will represent a big drop from the $2,300 each month it would have cost to stay at the current location near York Adopt a Pet. That building is owned by Epworth Village.

Lucas told his board Epworth offered the computer desks and other fixtures from the existing Enrichment Center to the district at $4,000, which was accepted.

Tuesday workmen were working over the HVAC system and installing drywall on the main floor.

The structure has much more space inside – including a full basement – than it appears to have looking from the street. Behind the building to the east is a large parking area for students to use as they come to school from their jobs or families or both.

“I feel very confident we’ll save $800-plus a month,” said Lucas.

That’s the ultra-conservative number. Lucas will not be surprised if net saving runs to $1,000 each month.

Renovations and updates are at the expense of the landlord, First National Company.

The district is to take possession July 1 which allows time for the Enrichment Center staff to fine-tune the building before students arrive in August.

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