The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: With all the rain that we have received and more in the forecast, why was the city watering Foster Park?

A: All city facilities and parks (Foster, Miller, Beaver Creek, East Hill, Complex) with underground sprinklers are on a schedule and do not have a rain sensor that automatically turns the sprinklers off it has rained, explained Cheree Folts, director of parks and recreation for the city.

Q: Parts of the outfield fence at the Beaver Creek ballfield have been taken down. Are there some plans for that field?

A: Cheree Folts, director of parks and recreation, said, “YPR is hoping to move youth and middle school football games to the Beaver Creek field to limited the traffic on the East Hill Parks football field. Beaver Creek used to be an additional football field back in the day, and we want to reestablish it. It is a great piece of land with underground sprinklers that gets limited use. By transitioning the youth and middle school games to Beaver Creek Park we can utilities the underused space while improving the field conditions at East Hill Park. East Hill football field currently gets used by little league football, seventh and eighth grade football, ninth grade football, junior varsity and varsity football. Along with being the outfield for York College baseball and Legion baseball. Beaver Creek ballfield will remain. This improvement will make Beaver Creek a multi-use park.”

Q: How much does it cost to run the lights along the Beaver Creek trails each month? Just curious if there is even an amount assigned to the electricity for that particular purpose.

A: “The City keeps track of all parks electricity, in March Beaver Creek trail expense was $55.73,” responded Cheree Folts, director of parks and recreation.

Q: Is the usage at the new ballfield complex as heavy this year as it had been in the past?

A: “The 2019 Complex season is extremely busy and consists of 19 weekend tournaments, games and practices of Fusion Softball, Knights Baseball, York High School Softball, York College Baseball and Softball, Pony and Junior league baseball, and T-ball. As of May 28, there are 741 field reservations for 2019. Miller Park ballfields have also been used for one tournament and additional games and practices due to the Complex being fully reserved on certain days.”

Q: If I want to get records from a city council meeting or a county board meeting, who do I contact?

A: The clerks are the people to contact, for each entity.

Q: When I was young, there was a great big house that sat at the corner of Seventh and Nebraska Avenue, just south of the York Community Center. It was burned down by the fire department in 1988. I seem to remember this house having an interesting history and would love to know more about it.

A: We have had this question in the files for a long period of time and haven’t been able to find information regarding this house.

So we’re going to throw it out there and hope that someone will remember information about the house that we can publish. Just contact the Wonderline at 362-4478 or drop off your information at the office, which is located at Fourth and Platte Avenue. And then we will pass it along.

Q: I had sunflowers in my back yard last summer and I swore they would move to follow the sun. Do they really or was I just imagining that?

A: When the plant is in the bud stage, it tends to track the movement of the sun across the horizon. Once the flower opens into the radiance of the yellow petals, it faces east. No one knows why. However, it is likely a defensive response. Facing south or west could result in sun-scalding of seeds during very hot days.

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