YORK – Last fall, the county and Henderson signed off on an interlocal agreement that outlines what has been practiced for years – the county gives the town $5,000 and the town’s police officer assists the sheriff’s department with law enforcement in that portion of the county.

While this has been done for many years, last fall’s interlocal agreement was the first effort to put it all in writing.

This week, York County Attorney Christopher Johnson said the written language of that agreement would have to be amended . . . although the arrangement would remain the same.

“It came to my attention that this agreement needed to go through NIRMA (the county’s insurance carrier), the agreement didn’t contain all the liability provisions and statue provisions that NIRMA recommends,” Johnson told the county commissioners during their regular meeting. “Now, the amended agreement would have the same terms, it’s just being re-prepared.

“My opinion is that it will allow the sheriff’s department to concentrate on other parts of the county because there is already law enforcement protection in the southwest corner of the county,” Johnson said. “The rest of the agreement remains the same as what you already approved.”

The commissioners will take a vote in the matter in two weeks, after they’ve had the opportunity to read the amended agreement.

In other business with the county attorney’s office, Johnson told the commissioners he’s been asked to assist Polk County while their county attorney is on vacation for a few days this month.

“During that time, it would be for emergencies,” Johnson explained. “There are no court dates while the county attorney will be gone. This is just to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. I’m just requesting to be authorized to do this, under the private practice authorization that you already passed and we discussed.”

“I think as far as being neighborly, it is the right thing to do,” said Commissioner Bill Bamesberger.

The rest of the commissioners agreed and voted in favor of allowing Johnson to assist the neighboring county.

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