One of many groups of visitors tours the open area at Henderson Health Care’s new Legacy Square long-term care facility. The multi-million dollar project was unveiled to the public last weekend.

HENDERSON — A throng of visitors roamed the hallways of Henderson Health Care’s new long-term care facility at its unveiling Sunday.

The $8 million, 40-bed addition to Henderson Health Care – named “Legacy Square” – took but one year of construction. Included in the luxurious facility are conference and meeting rooms, family sitting rooms, an outdoor courtyard with a gazebo, large activities area, large spa room, a beauty shop, a library, small private living areas equipped with fireplaces, two dining areas with kitchenettes, and many more luxuries.

Years of research and planning went into designing Legacy Square, which included visits to long-term facilities across the country. There is still a bit of landscaping left, but Legacy Square is ready to welcome its new residents.

Rooms were spoken for quickly, and residents are scheduled to move into their new home this week.

“As far as occupancy, it’s currently at 96%, so essentially full -- the reason being is we have 36 current residents making the move Wednesday,” said Henderson Health Care Marketing/Public Relations Specialist Luke Fochtman. However, Fochtman said, interested parties can still add their name to the Legacy Square waiting list.

The name “Legacy Square” was inspired by those who will reside in the facility, said Henderson Health Care CEO Cheryl Brown. “We wanted the name of the facility to represent our respect and value of those we serve,” she said. “Our residents [will] bring their legacy – their lifetime of experiences, memories, knowledge and wisdom -- to share with us each day.”

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Nursing Home Compare, Henderson Health Care’s current long-term care facility’s health inspection, staffing, and quality measures received five stars overall. Nursing Home Compare is a United States official Medicare online tool.

In addition to Legacy Square, Henderson Health Care as a whole, according to its 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, offers services for all age groups via its hospital, assisted living facilities, two rural medical health clinics and an existing long-term care facility. Henderson Health Care’s mission statement is “to provide professional, competent, ethical, and compassionate health care, in the name of Christ, to individuals, families and the community.”

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