YORK — Pavel Kislyak, 36, of Henderson, was brought to York County Court for a bond hearing, but had to be escorted back to the jail after an outburst directed at the judge.

Kislyak is being held on numerous charges: assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, willful reckless driving, disturbing the peace and obstruction of government operations. If convicted of all counts, he could be facing up to 24 years in prison.

The bond hearing was to affirm a higher amount after two new charges, one being a felony, had been filed. Bond was set at $75,000, 10 percent.

Kislyak appeared before County Judge Curtis Evans for the proceedings. After an incoherent outburst, the judge ordered that he be vacated from the courtroom and deputies had to take him back to jail.

While no one understood exactly what Kislyak was saying, the outburst was enough to disrupt the court which the judge said he would not tolerate.

Last week, authorities obtained a warrant for his arrest after a rash of reported irrational behavior.

Sheriff Radcliff said Kislyak recklessly drove through the nearby Subway and motel parking lots, Wednesday, June 1, endangering the people who were there. Witnesses said he was yelling obscenities and threatening to burn down the businesses.

That night, Kislyak started calling the sheriff’s department shortly before 1 a.m., June 2. Records show that he called the 911 emergency line 27 times and the administrative line 29 times within a two-hour time period, obstructing the dispatcher’s ability to do her job.

It’s also alleged that he, on numerous occasions, threatened the dispatcher and made comments about bombs.

Then at 3 a.m., witnesses started reporting that Kislyak was outside his interchange property, throwing rocks and other items at the Subway property, yelling obscenities, all the while naked.

“We knew that he’d go inside his property and refuse to come out, so it was my decision to go to the judge to get an arrest warrant,” Sheriff Radcliff said, noting they’ve already had many contacts with Kislyak in the past, both at his property and at the courthouse after allegedly displaying hostile and suspicious behavior.

During one situation at the courthouse, witnesses allege that Kislyak had been suspiciously asking questions regarding the judges, including about the locations of their offices.

After the warrant was obtained, the sheriff’s department went to Kislyak’s property. As they predicted, Radcliff said he refused to come outside. Assisted by the Nebraska State Patrol, they forcibly broke in the door to the property and sent a canine unit inside.

Radcliff said they were unsure as to whether he had weapons inside, so extreme caution was taken. The sheriff said that while taking Kislyak into custody, he assaulted a state trooper.

Kislyak has been the subject of controversy in the Henderson area, after community members expressed concern about the large amount of confusing graffiti that Kislyak painted on his own building.

There have also been earlier reports, spanning over the last six months, that Kislyak was seen yelling at motorists and throwing rocks and other debris at passing vehicles. There’s also been allegations that he had run-ins with truck drivers who parked in the area over night and that he, on at least one occasion, put human feces on the body of a semi tractor.

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