Rows of imaginative inventions and their displays are ready for judging at the ESU 9 Invention Convention. York Elementary School students counted their inventions among the entries.

HASTINGS — Nineteen York Elementary School students had ingenuity on display at the Invention Convention.

The Invention Convention, held this year in Hastings, included YES third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders. The YES participants are members of their Invention Convention Club, headed by YES fifth-grade teacher Nancy Bellows.

“The Invention Convention is an event that gives students an opportunity to invent a new product or process,” Bellows explained. “They can apply STEM, invention and entrepreneurial skills to find solutions to real-world problems.”

The club is open to students with high MAP test scores. “MAP,” or the Measure of Academic Progress, is a computerized adaptive test that offers quantitative guidance for students’ educational path. The YES club invites students with high scores in math, reading or language arts.

The YES Invention Convention Club meets from January to April. Students envisioned problems, and worked to invent solutions. This year’s entries from third graders included solutions for dipping Oreos, World Wide Wifi, and a solution so your siblings don’t bug you in the car. Fourth graders envisioned a bright fan, a robe to bundle up in, a portable book nook, warm hands, and a spinning table. The fifth graders made a retractable leash, cooking extension arm, wheel chair brake, a light-up bookmark, virtual reality baseball glasses for umpires, a detangle brush for your hair, floating shoes to walk on water, a device so dogs cannot get your food on the counter or table and extendable reading clips to hold your book open.

Once the students had brought their ideas to life, all the while carefully testing them, they competed against their peers in the ESU 9 Invention Convention in Hastings. Students presented their inventions at the conventions for evaluation by Dutton Lainson engineers.

York Elementary School fifth-grader Eisenhower Colburn won 3rd place in the 5th Grade, Division III.

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