YORK — Following a preliminary hearing, County Judge Curtis Evans has dropped a felony charge against Pavel Kislyak, 36, of Henderson.

Kislyak has been housed at the York County Jail on numerous charges, for a lengthy period of time. The original charges included felony assault of an officer, interfering with government operations, willful reckless driving and making terroristic threats.

York County Attorney Bill Sutter said Tuesday that Judge Evans has dismissed the felony charge of officer assault. The other misdemeanor charges, however, remain active.

Because no felony charge exists, Kislyak will not be bound over to District Court and the case will remain in the county court system.

Kislyak was arrested at his property near the Henderson interchange after witnesses reported he allegedly threatened people at neighboring businesses, drove erratically through a business parking lot nearly hitting children and threw rocks at one of the businesses in the middle of the night while in the nude.

He’s also accused of repeatedly calling the sheriff’s department, jamming the lines and consuming the dispatcher’s time while allegedly making threats against law enforcement.

Prior to those alleged actions, Henderson residents said they were worried about the large amount of incoherent graffiti Kislyak painted on his own property and episodes in which he allegedly threw rocks and debris at passing vehicles.

He had also escorted out of the courthouse on two occasions after displaying angry and suspicious behavior (before he was taken into custody) and later had to be removed from a courtroom after going on a tirade before the judge.

Kislyak’s attorney, York County Public Defender Nancy Waldron, earlier petitioned the court asking that her client undergo a mental evaluation, saying he was unable to assist her with his defense.

It was determined that the case had to be before the established judge before such an evaluation could be ordered — because it originally had the potential of being bound over to District Court, Judge Evans was unable to make that order.

Now that the case will remain in county court, that same petition will likely be made again.

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