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YORK – In many departments for the city, according to the proposed budget for the new fiscal year of 2019-20, there are special/additional revenue descriptions to highlight sources of money coming in.

Regarding fire and ambulance funds, the expenditure detail shows additional revenue streams to include possible miscellaneous contributions (on the ambulance side), $10,000; possible grants for mobile radios, $228,000; a $35,000 increase in the amount received from the York County ambulance contract (to come in at $249,000); funds from the York Rural Fire District, $70,594; and more miscellaneous contributions (on the fire side), $15,000.

For police, one revenue description is that of miscellaneous grants in the amount of $2,000.

When it comes to the community center, special contributions and grants (if realized) are proposed to be budgeted at $5,000.

It is projected that the park fund might receive up to $3,500 in donations and sponsorships toward a proposed Beaver Creek scoreboard project, as well as $1,000 in miscellaneous grants.

Projected grants that might be received in the next year for the auditorium fund could total $20,000 (as the amount to be budgeted).

It is being proposed for the convention center update – in order to create higher revenue – that some “grab and go” breakfast items be offered for sale, which could generate an additional $10,000 and the catering fees will be doubled from 5 percent to 10 percent which would likely generate an additional $14,000.

There is a budgeted amount of special revenue included in the proposed library budget from grants/donations toward security cameras in the amount of $5,000 – just in case that money is received.

To increase revenue for the water fund, it is being proposed that water rates increase by 3 percent.

To increase revenue for the wastewater fund, it is being proposed that wastewater rates increase by 9.5 percent. It is also being projected that an increase in bulk industrial waste might generate an additional $80,000 in the next fiscal year.

Included for the street fund is a possible $87,500 grant that would be used for a flood plain/drainage study.

No rate increase is being considered for the landfill this year, as the proposed budget stands right now.

The budgeted amounts for grants, gifts and donations are hypothetical – they might not be received at all. But if they are, they have to be budgeted for, ahead of time.

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