Halle Peters enjoys making fleece “tie” blankets, but her service project “Legacy Ties” gives her even more reasons to make blankets – local nursing home residents and injured police K9s in particular.

HENDERSON -- Halle Peters shows plenty of love and gratitude in but 1.5 yards of fabric.

Peters makes fleece “tie” blankets for local nursing home residents and injured police K9s throughout the country. “I buy fleece fabric make blankets that I hand-deliver to residents in the long-term care center in Henderson or ship to injured police K9s,” Peters explained.

In recent years, making the fleece blankets has been a popular pastime and homemade gift for many. Seventeen-year-old Peters said she can count herself as someone who enjoys making the blankets, but she wanted to take the project a step further. “One person can only use so many,” Peters said. “I chose to start this personal service project in July of 2019 and have made 34 blankets to date.”

Peters had been looking for other volunteer opportunities, but with the busy schedule of a high school student, it was a challenge. “Between work and school, it can be difficult to volunteer at places with set hours,” she said.

Her project – “Legacy Ties” – is a solo project thus far, but Peters said she accepts help with open arms. “As far as making blankets, I am the only one that does that. Without the amazing donors that have helped me throughout this journey, I would never have been able to make it as far as I have,” she said.

Monetary donations garnered through GoFundMe (a link is on the Legacy Ties Facebook page) and other outlets have helped with the financial aspect. “Fleece fabric is not cheap, so this project is dependent on donated funds,” she said. Peters also accepts fleece fabric donations. “I accept fleece donations of 1.5 yards per piece. Each tie blanket uses 1.5 yards of fabric for each of the two sides.”

The 34 blankets lovingly made by Peters have found good homes, but Peters hopes she can take things further. “I hope to eventually go beyond the Henderson community to donate blankets, as long as funds are available,” she said, adding, “I am so grateful for everyone’s support in this journey because I couldn’t do it all by myself.”

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