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It seems puppy season may have already started this year at York Adopt-A-Pet.

We started with a pup around six months of age and I was happy to see her; then we got another and another and then a litter of pups. Now we have 10 puppies all under 6 six months of age and many of them younger than that. I will be the first to say they make me smile when I see them but they also are lots of work for the volunteers and staff. We obviously want to be sure to have them out many times a day so they keep their environment clean to start on their house training. And we like to spend lots of time socializing them as you want pups to have a good start at life and it’s our job at the shelter to be sure this is done correctly.

As I said, I was happy to see the first pup, and let us all admit it, pups are fun to play with and they can make us very happy. However, one or two pups is a different story than the 10 pups we have in our care now. I will never regret taking the pups into the shelter, as we have a thorough adoption process where we can be sure that they are getting the homes they deserve. In today’s world, we have to be very careful when placing animals because sadly there are many people looking for these animals for the wrong reasons. It is our job to be sure we do not place the animals in those types of homes.

Today I am writing not to tell you about the cute puppies we have, but I want to touch on the adult dogs that are in the shelter. When we have puppies, the older dogs sit and watch the puppies being adopted every day and then they realize its closing time and they are still in their kennels. It is heartbreaking to watch the adults be so excited and everyone walks past them and stops at the puppy kennels.

I myself have adopted puppies and older dogs and I have loved both. There is definitely nothing wrong with adopting either but I do want to point out some of our beautiful adult dogs so they do not miss their chance for a home during this puppy season.

First, we have Floyd. He is my favorite dog at the shelter now. He is the sweetest dog that cannot help but give you hugs all day long. You can see how much he adores the volunteers and yet he is still there after a few months.

Next, we have Dave. He is a beautiful dog as well and he has some quirks that can just make you laugh at him. Dave is dog selective which I believe why he is still there. If you or anyone you know that is a one-dog home, please tell them about our Dave. He deserves to get a home too.

We have a dog named Baxter too. He has not been here very long but he seems to get overlooked. He is a Husky/Labrador Retriever mix. As you walk by his kennel, he will talk to you in his Husky talk language. It always makes me laugh when I hear it. It is his way of saying “Hey I’m right her, pick me!” Baxter is one of my favorites due to his personality.

Lastly, I want to tell you about Maddox. We rescued him from a kill shelter. I made an appointment for him to be neutered and unfortunately, when we took him over to the vet he was heartworm positive. We have treated him and he is up for adoption. He has had a long time of waiting for a home due to his treatment taking many months to complete. He for sure is ready for a home after his run of bad luck.

Whether you are a puppy person or an adult dog type of person, we have many dogs that are in need homes right now. Please share this article and tell your friends and neighbors about these sweet babies.

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