Saving one animal may not change the world.

But surely, for that one animal, the world will change forever.

For those who have been in rescue knows that the success of rescuing an animal is an overwhelming high, and the times when you can’t save an animal can be devastating. But you don’t give up, you can’t give up. There is always a need and if we don’t answer that need, then it is always the animals that suffer the consequences.

The shelter has taken in approximately 375 cats and kittens this year. I can only guess that with the number of years that I have been associated with York Adopt a Pet the number of cats and kittens are in the thousands. I am sure if you asked Bob he could tell exactly how many . . . almost daily he asks “where did this cat come from?” They come and go as I foster various cats and kittens until they can go to the shelter.

We have so many that are patiently waiting for their forever homes. Thanks to Diane Wolfe, we have photographs of the Christmas spirit that abounds at the shelter. Their stories vary from being left out in the cold, found on roadways, ditches, alleys, babies left orphaned or simply trying to get into homes to seek food and shelter. The citizens of York have supported our efforts to help these abandoned, injured and needy cats and kittens. At this time of year we want to thank everyone who has helped our cause. The donations, support and compassion shown to those who rescue, care for and adopt the cats and kittens to their forever homes want you all to know we simply couldn’t continue without your help. Christmas is a time of joy, a time to celebrate. We celebrate the fact that we have York Adopt a Pet.

On behalf of all of the rescued animals waiting for homes, both dogs and cats, we all say Meowy Christmas, barks, purrs and thanks from all.

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