York Adopt a Pet receives so many donations throughout the years, from children all the way up to senior citizens.

The generosity is so appreciated as it one of our main sources of income to keep the doors open for the cats and dogs that need our care for veterinary services, special foods, upkeep on the building and the general maintenance of our non-profit organization.

It is always heartwarming to see the generosity of children. Children who ask their guests when invited to their birthday parties to bring gifts and food items for the dogs and cats at YAAP. Ethan Fago comes to mind -- for his last two birthdays he has donated dog and cat items from his birthday parties.

There are just too many to name in the space we have, but I would like to share one in particular -- Kayley Gregg and Ashlyn Walz donated their entire proceeds from their lemonade stand ($351) to YAAP for the care of the dogs and cats. Now that is selling a lot of lemonade over a two-day period. Their picture was featured in Photo of the Day in the York News-Times.

My brother, Johnny, who lives in Bakersfield, Calif., moved from McCool with his wife, Alice, and their two daughters, Mandy and Ginger, to start a new life when he built an Amoco Transmission business in Bakersfield. That was 35 years ago and he still has a subscription of the York News-Times sent to him daily. He keeps up on the news from his hometown. He called me the other day and said he saw the two girls’ picture in the YNT and their donation to YAAP. He was so impressed by their generosity and compassion for animals that he said he wanted to let them know their actions were noted from a city 1,516 miles from York. Granted, he is my brother, but knowing Johnny he has told all of his friends and business acquaintances about these two young girls and YAAP.

Johnny and his family are all animal advocates -- their daughter, Ginger, is a veterinary in charge of medical protocol for all animal shelters in Santa Barbara, Calif. Her sister, Mandy, has traveled to York from Los Angeles twice to adopt both a dog and a cat from YAAP. All of my brother’s family members have rescue animals. Johnny rescued Peaches on a busy intercity freeway. He saw this little puppy darting from side to side, dodging through the traffic. Johnny stopped and was able to grab little Peaches up from almost certain death. He resided in their home until sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge from old age.

I met with Kayley and Ashlyn and their mothers at the shelter and presented each with a thank you note from Johnny. Enclosed in each thank you note was a $50 bill. I had earlier explained to their mothers but the girls had no idea they were getting a surprise along with the thank you note. I explained to them that good deeds don’t go unrewarded -- not always with money but with the satisfaction that they had given hope and love to the animals at YAAP. Their generous donation helped with veterinary bills, special foods, toys and upkeep on the building they were calling home until they could actually take their freedom ride home to their “forever homes.”

One stipulation that Johnny asked of the girls was “Spend this money on something for yourselves.” Kayley’s mother texted me later in the day and said Kayley told her that she was going to buy a toy for her dog. She laughingly said she had to remind her she was supposed to use it on herself.

A special note to my brother, Johnny. You continue to surprise me at your generosity and compassion towards the animals with no voice. Dad left his mark on both of us with his kindness and love of animals. Thank you and I love you.

Again I would like to thank the many children who have had fundraisers, and provided birthday party gifts and donations to the dogs and cats in the past 10 years. If I could name all of the young adults who have donated or spent time at YAAP, it would more than fill up the space on this entire page. Please know that each donation is appreciated and hopefully this example of generosity, compassion and love for animals will spread far and wide.

York is proud of their youth, this is just a prime example of parenting, our wonderful education system and a town that supports not only one another but also supports our animal rescue organization called proudly York Adopt A Pet.

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