Cats come in many colors, but the most prominent color is black.

So many times these beauties are overlooked for the varied colors of calico, white and yellow tabbies. We are always so excited when a black cat is adopted.

The next time you are around a black cat, take the time to look directly into their eyes. They have this mesmerizing stare. They are gentle and calming, in fact according to statistics, black cats have a tendency to be more loyal and loving than other cats. There have been many books written about black cats and the mythology and lore goes back to early times.

At the present time we have over a dozen black cats at York Adopt a Pet. I have a set of triplets that I am currently fostering. Ash, Onyx and Evee, plus a set of twins, Nancy and Nathan. Their antics are hysterical when they are let out to play. It is like lightning flashes as they run, tumble and wrestle with each other. They follow you everywhere you go and they love to all curl up in your lap for a quick kitten nap. Bob tolerates watching various sports events with five kittens curled up around his neck and in his lap.

The twins Nancy and Nathan were the babies I wrote about two weeks ago. They were found in a quonset and were on the brink of death when they were brought to me. The triplets Ash, Evee and Onyx were found huddled on a frigid front porch with no mother in sight.

We are always thankful for any cat or kitten being adopted but it is a special high five when one of our black cat or kittens are adopted into their forever homes. Please consider adopting a shelter cat and make it perfect by adopting a black shelter cat!

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