I recently received this note from Mary Nettleton.

She has been my neighbor for so many years, we moved into the neighborhood in 1970 and Mr. and Mrs. Nettleton joined the neighborhood in 1984.

Those who know Mary know that she is a wonderful friend and neighbor. Bob once said that if there were more people like Mary, the police would be out of a job.

I always enjoy visiting with Mary -- she has so many interesting stories to tell. She is a member of the United Presbyterian Church and for years her parents had a stray cat that they fed and eventually joined the family in their home. Her parents called the cat PC and Mary always thought those were the initials for Pretty Cat -- but years later her dad said PC stood for Presbyterian Cat. This is just one of her endearing short stories.

Here is her note:

“Dear LaMoine,

“This is just a note to thank you for Miss Princess (she had the name of Jessica when she came, but Mother wanted her to have a different name).

“You brought her over on November 1st 2004. You first checked with me that I had everything necessary for a cat, food dish, water bowl, kitty litter box. AND I did. Miss Princess has given Mother and me so much joy over the years!

“After she came, Miss Princess would come out in the evening and play all by herself in the living room and Mother and the Tabitha aide and I would watch her. At some point Miss Princess would look up at the 3 of us and think ‘are all those people watching me?’ Then she would get stage fright and leave, but would give another performance the following night. Toward the end of Mother’s life, Miss Princess would lie underneath Mother’s bed all day. Mother knew she was there. Thank you also for the walker with a seat that you gave me. Miss Princess always enjoyed riding on it.

“Best wishes, Mary”

I heard that Miss Princess crossed the Rainbow Bridge just before Mary wrote me this note. I went to visit Mary and took her a sympathy card for Miss Princess and to welcome Penny now known as “Shadow” to the neighborhood she adopted her from York Adopt a Pet.

Lucky Shadow.

Miss Princess lived a long and beautiful life with Mary. She was two or more years old when she came to the Sanctuary back in 2004. I would see Mary out in the yard with Miss Princess enjoying the seasons. Her favorite place to nap was on the back of the sofa which gave her a perfect view of the many bird and squirrel feeders.


And God asked the feline spirit

Are you ready to come home?

Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul

And, as a cat, I am most able

To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? Asked God.

Soon, replied the whiskered angel

But I must come slowly

For my human friend is quite troubled

For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don’t they understand? Asked God

That you’ll never leave them?

That your souls are entwined for all eternity?

That nothing is created or destroyed?

It is just is…forever and ever and ever.

Eventual they will understand,

Replied the glorious cat.

For I will whisper into their hearts

That I am always with them

I just am---forever and ever and ever.

Author Unknown

Thank you, Mary, for giving Miss Princess such a loving home. And thank you for welcoming another lonely cat needing a forever home.

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