York Adopt-A-Pet has its “Help Wanted” sign out.

Well, actually, it’s a “Volunteers Needed” sign. Kennel Manager Kim Hart says the rescue agency is bursting at the seams with dogs of all shapes and sizes leaving them in desperate need of volunteers (of all shapes and sizes).

“We had six (stray) dogs come in last week, and two haven’t been claimed,” Hart tells. This, combined with dropping adoption numbers, is the cause of it all.

“Right now some shifts have one person doing everything,” and that won’t work for long, Hart states. York Adopt-A-Pet has great volunteers and they want to keep them, “We try to make volunteering as much fun as possible.”

The shelter has three available shift times each day. The morning shift starts at 7 a.m. and usually runs until 9. The afternooners arrive at 12 p.m. and are done by 1:30. The evening shift, the shortest of the three, is about an hour long. Start time for that one is around 5:30 p.m. or so.

Hart says evening shifters who have a day job often go home, change, and head up to help out.

Duties on the shifts depend on the time of day, “We clean at each shift,” Harts explains, “take dogs over to the park or on walks, helping socialize them. We hose out kennels. We water and feed, spray out the dog runs and do general clean-up outside.” She says some volunteers prefer to walk dogs, others see the importance of cleaning and take on that part of it and it all works out.

According to Hart volunteering at York Adopt-A-Pet is a great activity for friends and families. Working alongside others to divide and conquer is fun. It’s kind of like being on a bowling team, only different. You get together, have fun and maybe go out for lunch or coffee or ice cream or something else afterward.

Payback for this labor of love most generally involves getting a lot of love in return. Love in the form of slobbery puppy kisses and wagging tails.

“These dogs are just so appreciative of all you do ... they really look up to you and they show it,” Hart states. She says their volunteers really make a difference by giving just a bit of time from their day, whether it is one shift a week or more.

At York Adopt-A-Pet they love their volunteers and know for sure their work wouldn’t be possible without them. Consider yourself invited to join their team, to create your own team by inviting others, and give Hart a call. Be prepared to make lots of new furry friends and human friends too. You can reach the shelter by calling 402-362-3964 or dropping by Tuesday - Sunday 12-3 p.m.

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