Mr. Wiggles, a Good Boy

Mr. Wiggles

I know it, you know it, our pets have special a way of wiggling into our hearts.

With Tug, it’s his soft brown eyes looking at me through his Andy Rooney-esque bangs. It’s the smile on his face when he comes charging in the back door to let me know he’s returned from a walk … it’s so many things.

Recently, Kim has written about the senior dogs housed at the shelter. Blackie, Oscar and Lovie, the three amigos, who came from a breeding situation, were among them. Well, we are happy to report several people have shown interest in them and there is hope they will be off to forever homes soon.

Thank you to those willing to rescue these very special dogs. And with that, we present you with the story of the dog called Mr. Wiggles.

Mr. Wiggles is a stray who came into York Adopt-A-Pet’s shelter a few weeks back. According to Kim Hart, kennel manager, she hadn’t seen a dog in such a deplorable condition for quite some time.

“Pictures will never do him justice. He was matted so badly, Noelle Mandeville had to shave him down to the skin. The poor guy could hardly walk … the mats pulled (causing pain) as he moved around,” Hart tells, “He also had a severe ear infection, for which he is receiving three medications. His eyes required three types of medication for infection. And lastly, he needed surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from his hindquarter.” He was also thin and malnourished.

How did a dog who had gone through so much get the name “Mr. Wiggles” you might ask?

Mr. Wiggles got his name because even after all of the stuff he had to go through to get healthy, he is the happiest guy. Yep, he is a tail-wagger. His entire little butt wiggles when his tail wags.

“It’s as if he is saying ‘Thank You’ for all of the things we have done to make him feel better. Dogs like Mr. Wiggles are truly what rescue is about. This senior, in need of so much love and care, was lucky the person who noticed him lying in a ditch cared enough to pick him up. Overlooking his appearance and unpleasant odor she put him in her car and brought him to us,” Hart states gratefully.

Hart is pretty sure they will never know where Mr. Wiggles spent most of his life. He may have gotten lost, or sadly, he might have been seen as disposable by his former owner(s). Whatever the reason, he is at the shelter now, safe, warm and cared for, waiting for his forever home like so many others.

Hart says, “If dogs could talk, this would make things so much easier. This is a true statement because we see so many dogs like Mr. Wiggles, that we just have no idea what happened to them before we receive them. However we know that in a couple weeks when we have all of his medical done, he will get a great home. We do not know his age although we believe he is probably a senior dog. Originally we thought 10-plus, but now we wonder if he is a little younger than that as he is still pretty full of pep. We open up his kennel door and he bounds outside like a pup would. He never has accidents in his kennel either.”

Hart says he is a perfect gentleman; he is happy and eager to please. He is just the perfect gentleman that is always happy and wants to please the volunteers. She is sure he will leave paw prints on many hearts of the volunteers at the shelter.

Mr. Wiggles, wiggly butt included, will be up for adoption in a couple weeks, as he is improving every day. An indoor home will be needed for this special guy, a home where he can cuddle in a lap and have his own soft bed.

“Please consider giving a senior dog a home. They are so appreciative of that home and it’s a great reward for the dog and its new human,” Hart adds.

And, since we have been talking about “wagging,” we would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, November 2, for our Tinsel & Tails Holiday Bake and Tag Sale. We will be selling yummy goodies and new to you Christmas items from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. at York Adopt-A-Pet, 1511 Platte Avenue, as we wiggle and waggle right into the heart of the holidays.

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