We received a very timid cat in the summer of 2011.

She had been dropped off at the building with no information. She had been spayed and declawed so at some point she was loved and wanted by a family. She must have had some trauma at some point in her short life because she never fully recovered from her timid ways.

She was miserable living in a shelter environment so the sooner we could have her placed in a home the better it would be for Precious.

She finally got her chance for a forever home with a caring and loving young lady, named Rene. She was adopted Aug. 11, 2011. She and Rene bonded and she had the perfect life for approximately six years. But due to health issues and a kidney transplant, there was no choice for Renee, the doctors said she could no longer keep Precious due to all of her medications for organ rejection. I know how hard it was for Rene to give up Precious. She was her whole life. But on Dec. 27, 2017 she had to relinquish Precious.

Then long-time cat volunteer, Judy Manelly, stepped up and said she would foster Precious for as long as she needed a home. This kept her from all of the activity going on at the shelter as Precious was so used to the quiet home environment. It is so hard for older or timid cats to adjust to shelter life.

You might recognize Rene as she has worked faithfully at Arby’s for over 20 years. She is efficient and always has a smile and an upbeat personality. She resides at her apartment through Region Five and is the most caring and loving person one could hope to be.

Wednesday was her birthday. She had not been able to visit Precious after her relinquishment, but her care giver and friend Sabrine Russell made arrangements for Rene to come to Judy’s house for a surprise birthday get together.

I wish everyone could have seen the excitement, joy and love when Rene was petting and talking to Precious. It was as though the last two years had melted away. Rene would love to volunteer at York Adopt a Pet, but with her health condition she is unable to do so. Rene has been a faithful donor to the cats since she adopted Precious in 2020. Judy offered to have Rene come to her house to help make cat nip toys for YAAP and then she could spend extra time with Precious.

York Adopt a Pet just doesn’t take care of animals, they take care of the needs of their family members. Rene will probably never be able to take Precious home with her, but she now has a future in knowing that not only can she help cats, but she will be able to see and be with her Precious from time to time. Thank you Judy for giving Precious her forever home, for allowing Rene the opportunity to help with our program and for allowing Rene to feel welcomed in your home . . . and to Sabrine for bringing it all together.

York Adopt a Pet is special, just ask Precious and Rene.

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