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YORK – A man who turned himself in for stealing a pickup failed to appear for his arraignment proceedings in York County District Court and those proceedings were continued.

Mauricio Warfield, 18, of Minatare, was scheduled to appear before Judge James Stecker in the York County District Court.

He has been charged with theft of property with a value of more than $5,000, which is a Class 2A felony that carries a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison upon conviction.

According to court documents, Warfield walked into the York Police Department and announced that he stole a vehicle.

He explained to an officer that he stole a white Ford F250 pickup and it was parked outside the police department.

The dispatcher received confirmation regarding the stolen vehicle from the Gering Police Department.

The reporting officer said in court documents that Warfield told him “he stole the vehicle on the street in front of a home. He said he stole the vehicle to go to Lincoln to fight some people.” And he said further, “he only turned himself in because his grandmother told him to.”

He was arrested and the vehicle was towed.

This week in District Court, his attorney, Deputy York County Public Defender Patrick Tarr said he was able to speak with Warfield’s mother who said her son was supposed to get a ride to York County with his aunt, “but those plans fell through. There is a proposed resolution in this case, we are asking for a continuance so I can make contact with him.”

“We are going to reduce his charges,” York County Attorney John Lyons told the court. “I spoke with the victim and he got his vehicle back and he’ll ask for a little restitution. We understand this kid can’t drive and he can’t get himself here. We don’t object to a continuance.”

The case was continued and it’s expected an agreement will be presented.

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