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YORK – The York City Council has given its approval to move forward with the Trane company on the large project that will result in two repaired/restored city facilities – the city auditorium and the city’s community center.

The city began looking at these projects with consultants from Trane some time ago – to determine what needs to be done, how it should be done and to garner cost estimates.

“We have always talked about moving forward, throughout this process,” said York City Administrator Joe Frei. “We looked at a number of options and we went out and got some proposals (from other companies as well). We have been negotiating with Trane.”

Frei noted that the total cost, for both projects, originally came with a possible $6.2 million price tag, “and now we are down to $5 million. There are some gray areas, we could hire a consultant and look at the scope of the project. We could come back and negotiate the project further.”

Mayor Barry Redfern noted that he and council members Ron Mogul, Jeff Pieper and Matt Wagner talked with other companies.

And with Trane they’ve gotten the number down to about $5 million (for both facilities).

“I also want to say again that it would cost $40-$50 million to replace these facilities. We are very excited that we will save these buildings,” Redfern said.

He also noted that about $900,000 worth of work in the auditorium is work that is being mandated by the state fire marshal’s office.

“I wanted to bring this to the council so Trane can put this contract together and get us many local subcontractors to do this,” Redfern said.

Mogul also stressed to the council that “Trane also wants to protect the integrity of this historical WPA building,” which is the auditorium.

Redfern said the work could be done as early as December.

All the council members voted in favor of moving forward with the project, with Trane.

“This is really exciting for York,” Redfern added. “It really is cool.”

City officials will continue working on the contract with Trane and say they are hopeful work will get started in July.

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