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YORK – This past week, the York City Council was scheduled to award a contract for the planned street repair that will entail concrete panel replacement.

The contract award, however, was postponed over concerns of falling sales tax revenues due to the coronavirus situation.

This project was budgeted in this fiscal year and had been planned to take place in the upcoming construction season and be completed by September.

Two bids for the project were received. Wy-Ad had the low bid of $563,151. The second bid, according to York Public Works Director Aaron Dressel, came in at $704,380.

“We had 12 potential bidders and only received two,” Dressel told the council.

The estimated cost of the work was earlier projected to be around $600,000.

“How critical is this project?” asked Councilman Ron Mogul. “The sales tax numbers might not look good after all this.”

“I know, I agree,” Dressel said. “We could get by if we didn’t do this project.”

Mayor Barry Redfern reminded the council that LB 357 funds were going to be used to pay for this project.

“I just have a hard time say yes to this right now, with everything that is happening,” Mogul said further.

“A half a million dollars is a lot of money,” added Council member Christi Lones.

“Yes and this situation right now could be an issue,” Mogul said. “Does anyone have a problem with tabling this for a month?”

Then he made the motion to table, which Lones seconded.

“It’s a tough decision, but if we want to be cautious, how can you argue with that, at this moment?” asked Mayor Redfern.

Everyone on the council voted to table the matter until a later date.

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