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YORK – A bailiff has been hired to assist the District Court judge in York and Seward Counties.

This position has been discussed for several years – the position will be paid for by both counties as they utilize those services.

Sharilyn Steube, clerk of the District Court, told the commissioners this week that a person has been hired and will be starting this month.

That also means a fourth person will now be present in all court proceedings, along with the judge, clerk and court reporter.

The commissioners also heard information on the following other topics:

• Leila Luft, director of the new combined emergency communications center, reported that a move-in date has been tentatively scheduled for Oct. 29. On the move-in day, there will be no down time regarding emergency communications, Luft said. She said two dispatchers from York County will go to Seward County during the moving process and dispatch out of the neighboring county’s emergency communications center. That means 911 services for York County will continue and no interruptions will take place. While that is underway, two more dispatchers will be on stand-by in York County, as technicians move the operations to the new addition.

• York County Highway Superintendent Harvey Keim reported that chip sealing was done this week on Road Q. He also said crews continue to work on roads that were damaged due to spring flooding and a wet summer.

• Claims were approved as presented. Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin pointed out, during a review of the claims, that the county received a $16,000 medical bill for a prisoner in the county jail.

• The commissioners declared a list of property to be surplus (no longer needed) which will be advertised and then sold to the public.

• The contract with Berggren Architects for the courthouse expansion/renovation project was extended. This was done because the contractor’s contract had already been extended – and this just reflected the architect’s involvement until the project is completed.

• York County Assessor Ann Charlton said a hearing before the Tax Equalization Review Commission (TERC) will be held Nov. 5, regarding an appeal filed by Epworth Village. This pertains to Epworth-owned property for which the county denied tax exemption.

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