October 2019

• Perry Valcoure, 1115 Grant Ave. Shed. Project cost, $2,204.80

• Richard McDonald, 516 Florida Ave. Privacy fence. Project cost, $2,400

• Bob Coffin, 217 Grant Ave. Front porch and shed. Project cost, $2,500

• Nebraska DHHS, 622 S. Lincoln Ave. Sign. Project cost, $2,000

• Brandon Sutton, 913 N. Blackburn Ave. Privacy fence. Project cost, $2,000

• David Alexander, 714 N. York Ave. Re-roof. Project cost, $10,290

• Tom Baker, 304 W. 19th St. Handicap ramp. Project cost, $2,000

• Marcelino Garcia, 928 N. Iowa Ave. Re-side. Project cost, $2,500

• Kevin Surface, 507 Thompson Ave. Re-roof. Project cost, $5,000

• Troy Ellison, 136 S. Ohio Ave. Re-side, windows. Project cost, $1,000

• Troy Ellison, 1806 N. Nebraska Ave. Re-side, windows. Project cost, $10,000

• Larry Harden, 1622 Clearview Blvd. Replace deck with cover. Project cost, $15,000

• First United Methodist Church, 722/724 N. Nebraska Ave. Re-side. Project cost, $6,500

• Dianna Krumeri, 615 High St. Replace driveway. Project cost, $6,000

• Hearthstone, 2319 N. Lincoln Ave. Remodel two resident rooms. Project cost, $50,000

Total: $119,394.80

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