Nebraska Home Sales agents in York have recently completed the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) Specialist training. Pictured from left is Michelle Christensen, Alison Graham , Amanda Sheffield, Cindi Nickel and Kelly Kiser-Mostrom.

The Nebraska Home Sales agents in York have recently completed the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) Specialist training.

Michelle Christensen, Amanda Sheffield, Alison Graham, Kelly Kiser-Mostrom & Cindi Nickel are now Certified Specialists, knowledgeable in the qualifications and requirements in obtaining this type real estate loans. These Realtors work closely with local lenders to assist buyers in the purchase of a home.

The success of NIFA’s Homeownership Program over the years is based in part on the partnership between NIFA and Nebraska real estate professionals. Real estate agents are a powerful voice and trusted source that homebuyers depend upon for guidance. It is important to note NIFA’s programs are not just for first-time homebuyers.

“Our agents believe in the power of education for all home-buyers,” said Cindi Nickel, Assoc Broker. “We work hard to make sure our clients are aware of each step in the process, and that includes important pieces in loan qualification and the lending process all the way through to closing on their new home. Stop by our office in downtown York at 128 E 5th St anytime to visit with us. We’re happy to help!”

Holiday Rewards program up and running in York

The Holiday Rewards Program that will again be administered by the Greater York Area Chamber of Commerce is up and running for customers shopping at any York Chamber member.

“You’ll get one entry for every $10 spent at any Chamber member from now through December 18,” said Mogul. “That’s any money spent on purchases, utility bills, haircuts, take your dog to the vet or have your oil changed. If the business is in the Chamber book, any money spent there is eligible. We also have a printed list of newer Chamber members that are not in the book that is available at our office.”

Bring your receipts into the Chamber Office for validation and the staff will total them up and give you a chance to win. For every $10 you spend, you receive a registration slip. Individual receipts are capped at $5000.

There are special dates where your totals are two or four times the value of the receipts. Dates that are past are November 21, 23, 30 and Dec 7. One of those 4X opportunities is coming up this Thursday, December 12 during the “Stroll the Season” event and then a double rewards days will be on Saturday, December 14.

“On December 19 between 7 and 8 a.m. we will draw names live on the air on 103.5 KOOL Radio,” added Mogul. “When you hear your name called, be sure and call the radio station to choose an envelope. Prizes will range from $100 - $500 in York Chamber Cheques. The radio station does have an app that you can download from the app store or the Google play store. This will make dialing in a little easier but if you don’t have the app, no worries, you can just dial the old fashioned way.”

Holiday Open Houses

This next couple of weeks you’ll see a number of Holiday and Christmas Open Houses in the York business community. Coffee, cider, cookies will abound. Keep your eyes open in YNT ads and social media. It’s not a good time to start a diet. There’s always January for that.

What the Heck:

My bride and I just got back Sunday evening from a five day trip to Ohio to provide babysitting support for young Maddie and Colton as the kids’ babysitter was enjoying a family vacation of her own. Many of you know this, but one and three year-olds have a lot of energy. At least they still take naps, which meant grandparents had naptime also.

One thing about their Ohio neighborhood stood out on this visit. Evidently, everyone gets to rake all their leaves to the curb along the street and then the city comes along and vacuums up the rows of leaves.

We got there last Wednesday and there were many, many rows of leaves along the street and they were still all there when we left on Sunday. They just don’t get much wind in the Ohio Valley. If that was Nebraska, those leaves would last about 30 minutes if that. Yesterday on Monday morning, any leaves left along the street in York would have ended up down around McCool.

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