Three generations of Woodruffs will occupy the Ameriprise office at 218 West 6th Street, York now that Blake Woodruff (left) has joined his father Robert “Bob” Woodruff (center) and his grandfather W. Clarke “Woody” Woodruff in the financial services office.

One Woodruff. Two Woodruffs. Three Woodruffs.

That’s how many Woodruffs you’ll find at the Ameriprise Financial Services office located at 218 West 6th Street, York now that Blake Woodruff has returned to York to join his grandfather and father in business.

Woodruff One is of course W. Clarke “Woody” Woodruff who made his way to York 63 years ago to open a financial services office and Woodruff Two is Robert “Bob” Woodruff who made the same trip back to York 26 years ago to join his father. No. 3 is Blake who returned to York and started on July 31.

He is a 2013 graduate of York High School and then graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2017 after majoring in finance. He then spent the next two years as an associate at the Ameriprise office in Lincoln before making the decision to head back to York. The office in Lincoln was one of the top ten biggest Ameriprise offices in the country as far as assets held.

“I’ve always wanted to come back to York at some time to work with Dad and Grandpa,” said Blake. “But I thought it would be good to get out in the world somewhere else for a while and learn from other financial advisors and learn new ideas and bring those ideas back to York.”

“I enjoyed Lincoln but that’s not where I wanted to be long term,” he added. “There was no pressure on me to come back but it’s where I want to be.”

Blake will begin his time at the York office in a support role at first but will also be prospecting and working with current customers in the office. He’ll also start building his own clientele according to Bob who followed the same path 26 years ago.

“I waited a little longer before I came back to York,” said Bob in talking about the similarities of his and his son’s path. “Blake was in the same fraternity as I was and lived in the same house as I did while attending UNL and now he’s in the same business.”

They made it clear that “Woody” wasn’t going anywhere and that he still comes into the office every day. The eldest Woodruff is justifiably proud of his grandson and predicted he will do well in following the family path as a financial advisor. “He’s a smart young man,” Woody told me, “He’ll do well.”

As mentioned before, Woody came to York those 63 years ago not knowing anyone in town and forged a path and a business that will now contain three generations. Nationally, the Ameriprise company has undergone a couple of name changes along the way but is basically the same company that began 125 years ago.

Ameriprise offers a full array of investment properties and also provides estate planning for its clientele.

“It’s exciting to be back,” said Blake. “It feels like I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Eakes Office Solutions doors are locked but company remains in town

Monday morning was a little different for me from the previous 16 years as it was the first morning where the doors to the Eakes store at 710 Lincoln Avenue were locked all day and will remain locked in the future. But that doesn’t mean Eakes has left town. The retail store may be gone but the services that Eakes provides to its many business customers in York with office supplies, office furniture and office machines will be here just as before.

Eakes will continue to deliver office supplies on Monday and Thursday as before from its Grand Island warehouse. Business customers can contact the Eakes customer service at 800-658-4072 Ext. 4 or customers can contact me at the same phone number but Ext. 6847 or email me at dsjuts@eakes.com.

The hardest part for me will be at the end of the day when I return to the office and find no one there to chat with until I get home. I will miss the relationships with the retail staff and for now, that big building is feeling a whole lot of empty.

School is back this week

It’s been a fast summer right? This week students will be returning to school in York and the surrounding area so it’s time to be very cognizant of the increased traffic and kids walking to school.

We haven’t had to worry about the school thing at our house for about the last 20 years or so, but we still get in on the fringes somewhat watching the grandkids return to their respective schools. This year, that ranges from Dylan’s second year down at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln all the way down to Colton’s first foray into pre-school.

What the Heck: Can someone turn down the humidity level in town? I don’t mind the heat (I’m in hot water most of the time) but I really don’t enjoy when the dew point gets north of 60 or so.

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