Nebraska LEAD (Leadership Education/Action Development) Group 39 participants have been announced by the program’s director, Terry Hejny.

The two-year program will begin in September. One of the participants will be Cornerstone Bank employee Mindy Wolf of Utica, who is a farm manager at the York Cornerstone location.

Other area participants are Cale Pallas of Stromsburg and Rebekah Nortrup of Hordville.

The newest members of Nebraska’s premier two-year agricultural leadership development program are involved in production agriculture and/or agribusiness in Nebraska.

“Once again, it appears that Class 39 is filled with outstanding individuals from throughout our state and I am excited to get started with them. Our task will be to prepare and motivate them for future leadership roles in their community, our state and beyond,” Hejny said.

LEAD Fellows will participate in 12 monthly three-day seminars across Nebraska, a 10-day national study/travel seminar and a 14-16 day international study/travel seminar. The goal of the program is to develop problem solvers, decision makers and spokespersons for Nebraska agriculture and beyond.

Seminar themes include: leadership assessment and potential, natural resources and energy, leadership through communication, agricultural policy, international trade and finance, Nebraska’s political process, global perspectives, nuclear energy, social and cultural issues, understanding and developing leadership skills, agribusiness and marketing, information technology, advances in health care, the resources and people of Nebraska’s Panhandle and other areas designed to develop leaders through exposure to a broad array of current topics and issues and how they interrelate.

The Nebraska LEAD Program is sponsored by the non-profit Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council in cooperation with the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and 12 other institutions of higher education throughout Nebraska.

Yorkfest 40 in the books

“This was one of our strongest Yorkfests” said York Chamber exec Madonna Mogul. “Since it was the 40th Yorkfest just made it that more special.”

Mogul said that one of the highlights of the weekend was the fact that Elaine Dahlgren, the first Yorkfest Queen was able to attend the coronation ceremony and also was able to participate in Saturday’s parade. She was honored at the ceremony and was presented with her very own crown as the royalty wasn’t able to keep their crowns in the early years of Yorkfest.

“We heard a lot of good comments,” said Mogul. “The streets were full for the parade on Saturday and the Street Fair was packed on Saturday with just short of 50 vendors. We really appreciated the county commissioners who were able to help pare down the construction zone on 6th Street to make more room on 6th Street.”

She also noted that the Eagles Club and Elks Clubs’ events were well attended as well as the fire departments’ pancake feed on Saturday morning where over 700 people were served.

The Husker watch party on Saturday afternoon had 50-60 people in attendance most of the time and the Saturday evening concert received positive comments from the concert promoter. Again, lots of good comments from those who attended.

“I feel really good about the whole weekend,” said Mogul. “We had an amazing group of people helping and working and everything went off really smooth due to their efforts.”

What the Heck:

Ok…did I drink too much of the Husker Kool-Aid before the season or was last Saturday just a hiccup on the way to bigger and better things for this year’s Husker team?

We used to accept that the Big Red was going to be bigger and badder than the other team and we would be the stronger team both physically and mentally at the end. We are not there yet.

I’m not jumping off the Husker bandwagon and I guess I never will. If a guy can hang tough through the Callahan and Riley years then a little overtime loss to CU is not enough to make me run.

After all, I’m old enough to have suffered through all those years when the Oklahoma “magic” derailed our season time and time again. Then what goes around came around and we kicked the Sooners to the curb for about 10-12 years in a row.

There’s that old saying that good things will come to those who wait. I’ve been waiting and waiting. I’m ready for some good things to come our way.

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