Thursday, November 21, was a big day for the folks out at Champion Homebuilders.

Eight Champion associates completed a six-month long leadership training course based on John Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership textbooks. The awards ceremony took place at the York Country Club and was attended by all the graduates from the previous two classes.

The disciplines represented in the training included Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, HR, Costing and Sales.

The laws of leadership covered over the course of the past several months included topics such as leading by example, demonstrating faith in those folks on your team, empowering your team, courageous leadership, building and maintaining momentum, the importance and power of integrity and principled leadership, and sharing credit and taking responsibly when things don’t go as planned.

Nick DiToro, Chair of the Business Department at York College, participated as the keynote speaker in addressing the accomplishments of the graduating class and the alumni in attendance. Among other things, DiToro spoke to the group about the importance of making solid and informed decisions in your role as a leader, the value of assuming personal accountability for the decisions you make, and the importance of listening to understand, not just to respond.

“The event was a success, the York Country Club did a great job of accommodating the group and provided a terrific lunch, and a new list of candidates are currently being considered for next year’s class,” said general manager Mike Cloninger.

Collins Aerospace continues to grow in York

Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), is celebrating its 1-year anniversary and the former Sundstrand facility continues to enjoy steady growth. The company was created last fall when United Technologies acquired Rockwell Collins and combined it with UTC Aerospace Systems

In York, the company manufactures components for aircraft electric power systems at its facility located at 2800 Division Avenue. Over the past two years, the plant has increased its headcount roughly 15 percent and is currently looking to hire 10 additional machinists, both entry-level and semi-skilled.

Since the facility was established in 1982, the name of the company has changed over the years—from Sundstrand, to Hamilton Sundstrand, to UTC Aerospace and now Collins Aerospace—but its employees have remained passionate about the work they do.

“Fifteen of our original employees from 1982 are still working at the plant, and 20 percent of our workforce has been at the facility for more than 20 years,” said Plant Manager Greg Harcrow. “We’re grateful for the dedication all our employees bring to the job every day, and we’re proud to have created a workplace culture that they want to remain a part of.”

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What the Heck:

It’s over. The Nebraska football season that is. This year’s 5-7 result is one game better than last year but a far cry from the results that I predicted at the start of the football season. What was that? I can’t remember.

The aggravating part of the whole season is that if about 8-9 plays would have went a different way, the Huskers’ record could have easily been 8-4 if not 9-3. But they didn’t and here we are.

I know that if only Scott Frost would have listened to most of the arm chair quarterbacks out there, we would be undefeated and on our way to the College Football Playoffs. I’m a little guilty of that myself from time to time, but in the end, the vast majority of said quarterbacks really don’t have a clue what is actually going on out there on the field.

So, we’ll wait. We’ll wait for the first signing day, the second signing day, then spring practice, reports from the training staff in the summer and the start of fall practice. And we’ll be right back at Memorial Stadium when the first kickoff happens next season. It’s what we do here in Nebraska.

In the meantime, Husker volleyball will satisfy our Husker cravings. We know they are a top ten team and will again have a chance to make the Final Four. Bring on the tournament.

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