With just about everything being closed down or restricted in the last couple of months, one thing that has kept me halfway sane is the fact that the York Country Club golf course has been able to be open to member play.

Both Linda and I have taken advantage of nice days and some not-so-nice days to hit the links. Right now the course is only open to members and their guests.

To that end, the York Country Club has announced that it is continuing its new membership promotion for 2020. The intention of the new POD system is three-fold: Increase membership at YCC, decrease dues for current and new members coming on and also to help the revenue stream for the club. So, if you’re reading this and have always desired a chance to golf full-time at YCC, there is no better time to join according to YCC president Barry Redfern.

“The York Country Club has always been an important part of the York community and we wanted to come up with a program that hopefully will insure that continues in the years to come,” said Redfern. “We’ve tried several different membership programs in the past and this POD system is one that has enjoyed success at other clubs around the state. We’re not re-inventing the wheel here and this system has been shown that it works.”

Basically, the program revolves around a POD of three. A current member of YCC and two new members in one of the following categories of membership, full member, single, senior, young professional or junior. Depending on where you fall in these categories, your dues to belong to the club would decrease for the next three years from 31% to 43% each month.

The non-member can be anyone that is not currently in any membership level within YCC, regardless of how long they have not been part of the YCC membership. If you were a member ten years ago and make the decision to join again, you would be eligible for this membership promotion.

This signed agreement would be in effect for 36 months starting when the new member signs up and at the end of that time period, each of the three members of the POD would have two choices: return to full membership status or initiate a new POD with two new members and continue the discounted dues structure.

So, how to get started? If you know someone that is a current member of the York Country Club, reach out to them. Otherwise, contact Frankie Sandall, office manager at the York Country Club at 402-362-3720 and she can provide help or a contact. She would also be able to provide any other answers to questions you might have.

“If you are interested in golf we would love to talk to you,” said Redfern. “We want to be able to pass along this great golf course to future generations.”

It would be a great time to get your kids involved in golf as it remains to be seen if youth baseball and softball will be held and who knows if the aquatic center will be able to open. I keep saying there’s no better place to self-distance than on a golf course where you’re always a couple of hundred yards away from the group ahead of you or the group behind.

Cornerstone Bank announces promotion

The Board of Directors of Cornerstone Bank announced the appointment of the following officer at their recent meeting:

Kaylee Becker was named an Accounting Officer for Cornerstone Bank in York. Kaylee started with the bank in 2015 and after assisting in various departments, became an accounting trainee in 2017. Kaylee is a graduate of Axtell High School and also a graduate of York College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management. She lives in York.

Cornerstone Bank is a $1.7 billion bank with 43 banking facilities in 34 communities.

What the Heck

I used to travel quite a bit around the countryside for work until the last couple of months. It’s kind of ironic that gas prices have been among the lowest they have been in quite a while but there’s no place to go. I used to fill up at least once or twice a week and now a tank will last up to three weeks.

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