Holthus Convention Center

YORK – The York City Council will hold its regular meeting on Thursday, June 4, at the Holthus Convention Center, starting at 7 p.m.

This will be the first physical, face-to-face meeting the council has had since the COVID-19 situation began back in March. The previous meetings were held via Zoom, online.

This meeting will be held at the convention center in order to ensure the proper distancing measures can be maintained.

The decision was made to have a face-to-face meeting in order to allow for proper testimony from the public during a hearing regarding the allowance of group homes in the residential areas of the city. This topic has been continued a number of times, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Regarding the group home issue, a number of ordinances have been before the council as to how they could be allowed in certain residential areas, with special exceptions and/or conditions.

It was explained during the council’s last meeting, by York City Attorney Charles Campbell, “This came to the city’s attention when New Life Place proposed establishing a transitional living facility (for female inmates leaving custody), to be located on Ninth Street. We started looking at the city’s zoning regulations to see if this is an authorized use, in the residential districts. The city’s regulations do not address this. We looked at how other cities have done this. We discovered that communities have handled them differently – some allow by special use permits, in certain districts, etc. We presented this to the planning commission and the planning commission is recommending that we allow these in the R-2 and R-3 districts and by special use only. We also have an ordinance to allow as permitted in the R-3 if there are six or fewer residents -- and if more, they would need a special use permit. Although this particular facility brought this to our attention, this won’t just apply to them but all those that would be in consideration in the future. A request for a special use permit would have to have a hearing before the planning commission, they would make a recommendation and it could be to include conditions.”

Also on Thursday night’s agenda:

• The council will consider approving a new manager for the liquor license at Petro.

• An update will be provided regarding the city’s community solar program, a joint venture between the city and the Nebraska Public Power District. The location of the solar facility would be the landfill site, as agreed to last August. Proposals were received from 13 developers in February and the evaluations were put on hold through March and early April due to the pandemic situation. In April, supplemental questions were sent out to five companies that made the initial list and final submittals were received May 1.

• The council will also consider the vacation of street right-of-way at the “unopened” portion of West Ninth Street, between Poplar and Alice Avenues, as well as reverting that property to the abutting real estate parcels. Property owners in that area have already signed off on their approvals.

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