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YORK – The City of York has been notified that a $562,000 grant has been awarded for the renovations at the city auditorium.

The confirmation letter from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development was received on Tuesday.

The grant assistance comes from the state’s Civic and Community Center Financing Fund.

The award letter says this particular project “ranked highly as compared to other applicants.”

The grant comes right before the council is set to consider a contract (which is on their agenda Thursday night) with a project manager that would ultimately result in repair and preservation of both the city auditorium and the community center.

If this project is to move forward, Trane would act as the project manager and Trane would go out for bids from subcontractors to do the work, not to exceed a certain price.

The city sent out requests for qualifications to a number of companies and Trane was the only one that responded.

If the council agrees to the intent to work with Trane, the matter would then go to a third party engineer for review of Trane’s recommendations for both facilities. The need for the third party engineer is mandated by state law, in these types of situations.

The recommendations at this time, from Trane, are that extensive work must be done to both the auditorium and the community center in order for them to continue to be viable community assets into the future.

Trane is proposing an energy conservation project for the city auditorium (which was built in 1940) that will “repair the building envelope, replace failing HVAC systems, upgrade the life safety systems to meet code standards and modernize selected interior areas.”

The anticipated implementation costs of such a project at the auditorium are broken down in this way, with these estimates:

• Building envelope repairs, $800,000

• HVAC replacement, $1,750,000

• Interior renovations, lights and ceilings, $500,000

• Restroom and locker room remodel project, $300,000

• Life safety code requirements, $950,000

• Total: $4,300,000

Trane is proposing an energy conservation project for the community center (which was built in 1963) that will replace the failing HVAC and pool filtration systems.

The anticipated implementation costs of such a project at the community center are broken down in this way, with these estimates:

• HVAC replacement, $750,000

• Pool mechanical systems, $1,000,000

• Life safety code requirements, $75,000

• Interior renovations/lights, $50,000

• Total: $1,875,000

And for both, there are asbestos abatement project(s) with an estimated cost of $50,000.

That comes to a proposed total guaranteed maximum price of $6,225,000 – for both projects.

Mayor Barry Redfern explained that if this project were to move forward, the proposal is to do a 20-year bond issue to be paid with LB357 funds, “which is what that extra ½ percent sales tax was intended to be for. We are trying to save two very valuable buildings, to set them up for use for 40-50 years. We are just trying to fix existing assets that have been neglected. These buildings would cost tens of millions of dollars to replace with new. We are still working to get a number of grants for this as well, we are looking at a number of things.”

The grant money from the department of economic development would go toward the cost of work at the auditorium.

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