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YORK – The York Police Department will continue to be part of the Rural Apprehension Program (RAP).

The York City Council gave its approval to the interlocal agreement with Fillmore County, York, County, Clay County, Seward County and the City of York during their regular meeting this week.

RAP is an ongoing, valuable law enforcement tool that has facilitated dozens of undercover investigations and resulted in hundreds of arrests/convictions, particularly in the area of illegal drug trafficking. This cooperative effort has been called by law enforcement officials “highly valuable,” in the fact that by working together and with a specific officer heading up these types of investigations, more can be accomplished.

The cost to each of the participating entities is based on $2 per person in that jurisdiction.

The agreement will be up for renewal each July 1, unless an entity gives notice to the others at least 30 days before that they want to leave the RAP program.

All the counties’ sheriffs had already signed off on their intent to participate in this collaborative effort.

Local governments provide the money for this program to continue; in the past, there was local financial contribution but a good portion of the cost used to be covered by the Nebraska Crime Commission.

“We have been doing this for years, it is a great drug improvement program,” York Police Chief Ed Tjaden told the city council. “It allows for the sharing of expertise, equipment, intelligence and personnel.”

He said the benefit in the area of personnel is especially important to all the law enforcement agencies as there are time constraints and consistently heavy workloads.

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