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YORK – The officials’ deputies and the majority of county employees will be getting a raise of 3% in the 2019-20 fiscal year.

The York County Commissioners set the salaries and wages for employees in departments that are not run by elected officials, when they met in regular session on Tuesday.

They also set the salaries for all the deputy officials (deputy treasurer, deputy assessor, deputy clerk, deputy clerk of the District Court, deputy county attorney and deputy public defender).

The salaries for all the elected officials were set before the election last year, so those running for those offices would already know the salary rates.

When it came to the deputies’ salaries, the elected officials’ made recommendations to the county board.

Regarding the raise in salaries for the deputies, that did not pertain to the deputy public defender as that position’s pay was just recently established (it’s a new position). And the commissioners said the deputy assessor got a specific raise last year to a level that the assessor felt was sufficient to also cover this year.

The commissioners all voted in favor of accepting the recommendations from the elected officials, regarding their deputies’ pay.

The salary increases will go into effect for the first pay period in October.

York County Commissioner Randy Obermier acknowledged that regarding the other employees, the board asked “everyone to keep their overall budgets down,” to about the same level they were last year.

It was noted that five employee positions’ pay had not kept up with the others in the past years – and for some, the duties had changed to warrant slightly more pay.

“I have no problem paying these five each slightly more to get them up to compliance and accept the rest of the raises at 3%,” said Commissioner Bill Bamesberger.

“We have a lot of good employees and with just over 2% unemployment in this county, we need to remember that,” Obermier said.

“And in some situations, other counties are offering more, that’s something to remember,” Bamesberger said.

The commissioners voted in favor of the employee increases, with the exception of Commissioner Paul Buller.

“I’m not saying they aren’t all good people, I just have a few people maintaining roads in my area and I’m not happy with their performance,” Buller said.

“Yes, there are some patrol areas that could be better, but we have to keep their pay up, they need to be able to make a living,” responded Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin. “And if there are issues with certain operators, then the highway superintendent and the foremen need to deal with that.”

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