York County Transportation

YORK – The York County Commissioners have accepted a bid from JLC in York for the renovation work in the new public transportation building at 1614 North Division Avenue.

This building was purchased by the county some time ago. It has been housing, and will continue to house, the county’s public transportation vehicles, such as vans and the handi-bus.

What will be added inside the facility will be the offices for the county’s aging services.

When the county initially talked about building a facility just to house the vehicles, this building was located and for sale. Its size will allow for the vehicle storage and the aging services – so they can be together as they are operated together.

Renovation will be necessary inside the building to accommodate the aging services.

Commissioner Jack Sikes, who is heading up this project, said the renovation bid from JLC came in just under $50,000, “which is under the limit. Data wiring will be done by us, utilizing our IT people.”

Sikes said other local contractors were asked to submit bids, but there were no others received. He said at least one local company declined because they are already so busy with contracted work.

“I’m asking we go ahead with the bid from JLC,” Sikes said. “As soon as we accept the bid and give them permission to start, they will start. Hopefully, it will be done by July and that’s give us time to get (the aging services offices) into the new building and out of the other.”

“We purchased that building with the intent for this to happen,” said Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier.

The commissioners unanimously agreed to move forward with the renovation and accept the bid from JLC.

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