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YORK – A lot of things have changed in the last two weeks, regarding how the world works and everyone’s new normal.

That is certainly the case for the county as well, as the commissioners shared their committee reports this week during their regular meeting.

Commissioner Jack Sikes, who represents the county on the Four Corners Health Department board of directors, explained how it was determined for a cache of personal protective equipment to be distributed to medical facilities and workers in the district. There are four counties in the Four Corners District and he said appropriations were determined by population.

“Everything in that cache was distributed to hospitals and clinics in the district,” Sikes said. “There was a limited number, as you know. It was approved to do by population, as that was really only the fair way. Things continue to change with this situation on a regular basis, as you all know.”

Commissioner Randy Obermier addressed the meeting he and Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin had with the county’s department heads and the action plans that were formulated. He said such meetings will continue on a regular basis.

It was also noted that glass windows will be installed this week at the offices on the main floor of the courthouse. Those offices have already been closed to the public – workers are inside the office but they are not having contact with community members. The installation of the glass will create a protective barrier between the workers and the community members, to keep everyone safe.

The county officials will continue participating in online community meetings on Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. The first of such meetings was held last week – another is scheduled for today (Thursday). These meetings include leaders from the county, municipalities, the York County Development Corporation, the York Chamber of Commerce, the medical sector, the educational sector, the business sector, the health coalition and the Four Corners Health Department and more. This is an effort to keep all agencies “on the same page” as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

An outside drop box will be installed on the courthouse property. A drop box already exists for the treasurer’s office – this new one will be to assist the other departments and their customers.

For now, the county commissioners will continue to offer constituents the ability to “attend” their meetings online, in order to keep the number of people in attendance within the 10-person range.

“We are still meeting in open forum and we have to allow people to come in” to the meetings, Obermier said. “This may be our future, I don’t know. But it’s what we have to do right now.”

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