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YORK – When the York County Commissioners meet in regular session on Tuesday, Jan. 14, they will reorganize for the new year.

Currently, the chairman is Commissioner Jack Sikes and vice-chairman is Randy Obermier.

The commissioners will elect a chairman and vice-chairman for 2020 before going through the items of the agenda.

The county’s audit report will be presented by Contryman Associates, as is done in January each year.

The following action items are scheduled for Tuesday’s agenda:

• The commissioners will meet with Nichole Wetjen from ESU 6, regarding “shadowing at the courthouse.”

• A resolution and weed reports will be heard.

• The county board is being asked to consider the allowance of vending machines in the courthouse.

• A discussion will be held regarding the 2020 911 surcharge.

• Updates to the employees’ handbook will be discussed.

• The county board will resume a conversation about the silent alarm system in the courthouse and how it will be updated to provide for security.

• They will consider an interlocal agreement (for cooperative public safety software, hardware and services) between Butler, Saline, Seward and York Counties and the Cities of Seward and York.

• The commissioners will make their quarterly jail visit as well.

In the afternoon, when the commissioners convene as the board of equalization, they will hold meetings every 10 minutes with different entities that receive and request real estate tax exemptions. The exemption hearings will start at 1 p.m. and end at 4 p.m.

The following entities are scheduled to meet with the commissioners regarding real estate exemptions: Yorkshire Playhouse, Henderson Health Care, McCool Iron Horse Station, Four Corners Health Department, League of Human Dignity, First Christian Church, Nazarene Church, Bethesda Mennonite, First Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian Church of Gresham and Community Center (in Gresham), Masonic Lodge and Greenwood Cemetery, St. Joseph Church and St. Patrick Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, Arborville, First Lutheran McCool, York College and Crossroads Bible Church.

The location of the county board meeting will be posted on the main doors to the courthouse as that remains to be seen due to renovation work. The meetings have been held the past few weeks in the York County Courtroom but there is a possibility the new commissioners’ meeting room might be finished in time for Tuesday’s meeting.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will begin at 8:30 a.m.

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