YORK – New Directed Health Measures (DHMs) will begin in June and local government officials are anxiously awaiting information as to how procedures will be moving forward.

During the weekly community sector online meeting, York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier noted that “Zoom-only” remote meetings of governmental boards will be allowed through the month of June, as directed by the governor’s office.

The county commissioners have been physically meeting in the board room in the courthouse throughout the pandemic, with the meeting being provided via Zoom for the public and for officials who choose to join the meeting remotely. It should be noted that the ability to provide Zoom access can continue after June – but as an option for the public. The governor said during a briefing this week that government entities will have to start preparing for how they will go back to physically meeting in July.

That was also acknowledged by York Mayor Barry Redfern, who said the city will be making those future plans as the city council and officials have been meeting remotely via Zoom throughout the COVID-19 situation.

Obermier said the sheriff’s department has again started doing gun permits, vehicle inspections and fingerprinting services – for York County residents only, at this time.

He also noted that offices on the main floor of the courthouse – those of the assessor, clerk and treasurer – are now open for face to face interaction with the public. The glass windows have been installed and there are social distancing marking/procedures that need to be followed.

“We are asking for everyone’s patience and for everyone to please just use common sense while in the courthouse,” Obermier said. “And I want to remind everyone that a lot can still be done online.”

He said the county received a message from another county in which they said they appreciated York County “being a beacon of normal” during the past few months. “Officials have been cautious but we have been operating. And York County should be proud of this, and continue to lead the way.”

Redfern said the city officials and department heads are anxious to open facilities and services (such as the community center, the convention center, the library, the pool, etc.) “in some shape or form and we are anxious to see what the next steps will be. We are still under the directives for May and look forward to the directives in June.”

Community-wise, Aubrey Saltus (chamber director for Henderson) said they were scheduled to have a meeting regarding that community’s annual event this summer and their Farmers Market will start on June 2.

Madonna Mogul, York’s chamber director, says this community’s Farmers Market will start June 18.

“And we will have Firecracker Frenzy on July 3, as planned, but with no grandstand seating,” Mogul said. “Donations for the event are being accepted now.

“As the gradual re-opening continues, we appreciate everyone’s patience,” Mogul said. “The Chamber has a kit available for businesses that includes signage and tips for gradual re-opening as well.”

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