York County Veterans Service Officer Nick Wollenburg

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York County Veterans Service Officer Nick Wollenburg is pictured delivering an address during a Memorial Day remembrance ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery in York.

YORK – Nick Wollenburg, York County’s veterans service officer, says it’s time to breathe some new life into the annual event of County Government Day – and hopefully it will result in a more engaged teenage audience as well as an enhanced learning experience they enjoy.

“County Government Day will be held Friday, March 20, and this year, we are going to be doing things differently than in the past,” Wollenburg said, as he is one of the people who oversee the courthouse visitation event where young people are to learn about local government. “We are going to do some things that call for more interactive involvement from the students and we want to make this worth everyone’s time.”

Wollenburg told the York County Commissioners this week that the plan will be for all the teenage attendees to convene in the district courtroom where they will be introduced to the various county officials. That’s how every year’s County Government Day begins.

But then that’s when they plan to switch it up.

“After that, we will have an Amazing Race with clues coming from each department,” Wollenburg said.

Then those clues will aid the participants later in a Jeopardy competition.

“Then we will walk over to the city auditorium for lunch, hopefully which will include a demonstration with the county’s drug dog which is always interesting,” Wollenburg explained further. “Then a longtime drug investigator with the state patrol will talk to the high school students – it is a wonderful presentation. Then, everyone will come back to the courthouse and York High School will be putting on an hour-long mock trial presentation. So it will be completely different than in the past, when they weren’t as engaged or interactive.”

“In the past, yes, I’ll agree, it sometimes seemed like it was just another day out of school,” said Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin.

“We want them to get something out of it and we want to make it worth everyone’s time,” Wollenburg said. “Hopefully they will find this more interesting and come away with good information at the same time.”

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