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YORK – Flood damaged roads were the main focus for the county’s road crews in 2019 as 103 miles of roadway had to be repaired and rebuilt.

While York County Highway Superintendent Harvey Keim acknowledged that York County fared much better than many counties in Nebraska regarding flood damage in 2019, the repair work still occupied the majority of the county’s road crews’ time and most of the one-year road/bridge program for 2019 were postponed until this year.

During this week’s one- and six-year road/bridge hearing before the York County Commissioners, Keim reported on the work that had been done – and he also provided details about the county’s road system that people might not readily know.

There are 12 patrol areas in the county with the county maintaining a total of 1,058 miles of road.

A patrol area ranges from 80 miles of road (the lowest) to 100 miles of Road (the highest).

There are 919.75 miles of gravel roads in York County.

There are also 64.25 miles of dirt/minimum maintenance roads in York County.

Of all the miles of road in the county, 75.25 miles are paved – asphalt or concrete.

“I think this is pretty good information, it shows what the county and its road crews are all responsible for,” said Commissioner Bill Bamesberger.

“It is, it’s a good reminder of what we have out there,” said Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin.

Keim said road crews hauled a massive amount of rock and gravel last year due to the flooding and wet winter/spring – and that effort continued throughout the rest of 2019.

“We were a lot better off than other places, but repairing all those flooded areas took up our entire year,” Keim said.

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