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YORK – York County has officially purchased a large building and property at 1614 Division Avenue – which will become the new home of the county’s aging services offices as well as the location of a new vehicle storage facility for the county’s public transportation service.

The final actions were taken this week during the county commissioner’s regular meeting and the closing of the sale was supposed to take place at the end of this week.

York County Clerk Kelly Turner told the commissioners that she had spoken with the title company who had outlined specific actions that the commissioners had to take – such as giving authorization to the commissioner chairman to sign all the closing documents, reading the legal description of the property into the record and giving final approval to the purchase in the minutes of the meeting.

The purchase of the property cost $315,000.

Once the aging services offices are moved from their current location near the fairgrounds, the county will have the ability to relocate another entity or entities to that facility. There have been a number of different discussions about space needs for several county-related agencies/entities.

In the new building, there will need to be some renovation, in order to create the offices for the aging services. That will be on the county’s dime.

If the county seeks out state/federal grant money, there could be some substantial financial assistance in utilizing the area for the public transportation vehicles.

The issue of needing to house the transportation vehicles is what spearheaded this project in the first place. The state department of transportation said the vehicle should be in a facility for storage at night and there are requirements of such because state and federal dollars are used to help pay for the public transportation services in this county.

At first, the state agency urged new construction. Then, the commissioners became interested in the newly constructed building at 1614 Division Avenue . . . as well as the prospect of having an open building near the fairgrounds that could house another county-related entity.

The issue of zoning has been taken care of for that property along Division Avenue – it is in an industrial zone and the York City Council had to allow a special use permit. That matter came before the council Thursday night.

York County Commissioner Chairman Jack Sikes explained the project to the council and mayor, noting that moving the aging services to a different location will free up the property for another entity.

“We are mandated to provide a space to house probation,” Sikes told the council. “Right now, we lease a property for their offices. By freeing up this space, we hope to move probation to the other location and we will save money that otherwise had been going toward that lease.”

It was noted that the city planning commission had already given its recommendation of approval for the special use permit. The council unanimously agreed.

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