YORK – A discussion was held this week by the York County Commissioners regarding security measures for a room in the courthouse from which many departments’ technological systems are run.

The matter was brought to the board by York County Assessor Ann Charlton, as access to this computer room is through her offices.

She explained that an IT person working on the new communications system had suggested a surveillance camera be placed in that room, “so we can see who is in there and what they are doing. We have a sign-in sheet at the door but that doesn’t allow us to know what they are doing in there. He thought that for security purposes, we should have a camera in there.”

Charlton said that normally she knows the IT personnel who go in that room . . . in the last few weeks, she said there have been multiple people going in and out to do work.

“And I don’t know who they are or what they are doing,” Charlton said. “And there is the question if I’m the person who is supposed to police that. I just have concerns because so many systems for many departments run out of that room.”

Leila Luft, director of the emergency communications center, said there has been a lot of traffic in and out of that room lately, because of the upgrades and installation of technology associated with the communications center project.

“I don’t mind them coming and going, I just don’t know who they are,” Charlton said.

“When that project is completed, who will need to be back there?” asked Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin.

“Well, only our IT guys,” Charlton said.

“If this is just a short term situation, I don’t think it is necessary to put in a camera,” Bulgrin said. “Certainly, everyone should sign in and sign out. Also, we’ve talked about courthouse security many times before. Why aren’t the individual courthouse offices locked now?”

There was then some discussion about locking that technology systems room and having a key pad for entry.

“I just brought this suggestion to your attention, because all the systems run off the computers in there,” Charlton said. “I have no problems with our IT guys going in there, it’s the people I don’t know. There have just been a lot of people coming and going . . . and again, I don’t mind the access being through my office.”

“I think this is mostly a communications issue, I think the signing in should continue,” Bulgrin said.

“And I think it is a good policy to lock it, then they have to sign in and then you can unlock it and let them in,” said Commissioner Randy Obermier.

The other commissioners agreed.

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