COVID-19 cases in York grows to 39

YORK – One new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in York County, according to the Four Corners Health Department.

That brings the cumulative number of cases in this county to 39.

Of that number, 37 people have fully recovered which means that right now, only two people are sick with COVID-19 at this time in the county.

The Four Corners Health Department reports that Seward County’s case number remains at 33 with 27 recoveries.

Butler County has had 52 cases, with 46 people fully recovered.

And there have been 11 cases in Polk County and of those, 10 have fully recovered.

The new Phase 3 directed health measures took effect Monday, June 22, which allows for less restrictive practices in this area. While the six-foot distancing rule remains, there will be loosened rules for business practices, gathering and sports.

Starting yesterday, the following are some of the changes are now in force:

• Regarding sports, fan attendance, as of June 22, is allowed but at the same level as other event percentages that are already in place.

• Bars and restaurants are able to open at 100 percent occupancy but with an eight-person maximum per table. Buffets are still prohibited. Games, such as pool and darts, are allowed.

• For childcare, the regular guidelines are re-instated, allowing the following number per room: infants through three years old, 15; three-year-olds, 20; 4-5-year-olds, 24; and K-12, 30 per space.

• For indoor gatherings, the occupancy is 50 percent rather than 25 percent as it was previously.

• For outdoor gatherings, the occupancy can be 75 percent.

• Gyms are able to have 75 percent occupancy with the 6-foot rule still maintained.

• Salons are able to have 75 percent occupancy, with all patrons and staff wearing masks.

• At weddings, the allowance now is for eight people at a table (with the same occupancy guidelines as previously) and self-serve buffets are prohibited.

Governor Pete Ricketts said Phase 4 will be announced sometime in July. Last week, during a press conference, he said Phase 4 will “look a lot like Phase 3” with the exception that indoor gatherings will move to 75 percent occupancy and outdoor gatherings will be able to eventually move to 100 percent occupancy.

The timing of Phase 4 entirely depends on the number of new cases and hospital occupancy.

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