CVA Applicator of the Year recipients are: Caleb Meier, Heath Moravek, Justin Murdock, Derek Worm, Treg Lindsley, Tyler Eisenmann, Corey Bossard and Al Lindemoen.

CVA – Each year Central Valley Ag (CVA) Cooperative selects applicators to receive The Applicator of the Year award.

This year eight applicators were named for their efforts throughout the 2019 growing season. Each recipient is chosen based on criteria developed by their Regional Operations Manager. The amount of acres they cover, along with the care and maintenance of their machine play a role in the decision, but it’s not just about that.

“We take into consideration how these employees interact with both customers and other CVA team members. Their willingness to help in other areas of CVA, such as helping to train inexperienced applicators,” said Brent Reichmuth, CVA VP of Operations North. “Being eager to help and having a positive attitude also plays a significant role in who gets chosen to receive these awards.” Additionally, the applicators must limit spray claims and complaints on all acres applied.

The Regional Operations Managers, along with the location managers, select the recipients of these awards. “Trying to come up with one individual applicator is very difficult for us. Many go above and beyond, and CVA is lucky to have them,” said Matt Johnson, Region 4 Operations Manager.

“It’s important that they cover the acres, but more so, that they are committed to helping out their CVA team whenever and wherever they can,” added Rusty Morehead, Region 7 Operations Manager.

This year eight applicators were recognized for their hard work and dedication.

• Cory Bossard, Tilden, NE – Region 1

• Allen Lindemoen, Wakefield, NE– Region 2

• Tyler Eisenmann, Humphrey, NE – Region 3

• Caleb Meier West Point, NE – Region 4

• Treg Lindsley Benedict, NE – Region 5

• Derek Worm Shelby, NE – Region 6

• Justin L. Murdock Condordia, KS – Region 7

• Heath Moravek Courtland, KS – Region 9

To show their appreciation, Central Valley Ag took these eight individuals on a hunting trip in November. Each award winner also received a Benelli Montefeltro 12-gauge shotgun. “For me, the rewards CVA gives us are awesome, but receiving the award itself is what means the most to me,” said Al Lindemoen, CVA Applicator out of Wakefield, Nebraska. He added, “when I go out to spray or spread, I just look at things and work the land as if it were my own.”

“The commitment of these employees does not go unnoticed, this is just one way we can recognize the guys for all their hard work,” said Brent Reichmuth, VP of Operations North. “Every individual at CVA plays an important role in getting the product to a customer. From the salesman to the location manager. The truck driver, and finally to the person who gets that product on the field. It takes the whole team working together to provide that customer with what they need.”

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