OMAHA - Roughly 5,600 students are being recognized for their academic achievements during the Spring 2020 semester at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) with inclusion on the Chancellor’s and/or Dean’s List.

Each semester, students seeking their first bachelor’s degree who meet or exceed specific grade point average thresholds are selected for inclusion on the Chancellor’s List and/or Dean’s List at UNO as recognition of their outstanding academic performance.

The nearly 1,400 students who qualified for the Chancellor’s List earned a grade point average of 4.0 for courses taken at UNO during the Spring 2020 semester, provided 12 or more quality hours were completed.

York area students named to the Chancellor’s List include: Lexie Faber of Aurora; Paige Faber of Aurora; Leta Lohrmeyer of Aurora; Nolan Meyer of Aurora; Nicholas Miller of Aurora; Braden Myers of Geneva; Nathan Andres of Sutton; Austin Gemar of Sutton; Nathan Hohensee of Sutton; Joshua Kingswood of Sutton; Abigail Osterhaus of Sutton; Max Tomes of Utica; Lauren Riley of York.

The 4,200+ students who qualified for the Dean’s List earned a GPA of 3.5 or better for courses taken at UNO during the Spring 2020 semester, provided 12 or more quality hours were completed.

Students from the York area named to the Dean’s List include: Josef Brandl of Aurora; Nolan Fendt of Aurora; John Helzer of Aurora; Benjamin Johnson of Aurora; Kaleb Mcquillan of Aurora; Maya Nachtigal of Aurora; Trevor Swanson of Aurora; Sharisa Tyma of Aurora; Blake Vaught of Aurora; Nicholas Weber of Aurora; Mara Stuhr of Bradshaw; Kaitlynn Kool of Cordova; Patrick Murphy of Exeter; Isabel Eberspacher of Friend; Madison Bonin of Geneva; Sydney Jividen of Geneva; Corey Maloley of Geneva; Hannah Norvell of Geneva; Ethan Reinsch of Geneva; Faith Lauber of Grafton; Brooklyn Epp of Henderson; Joshua Behlen of Seward; Kade Christensen of Seward; Mikayla Dyell of Seward; Benjamin Galusha of Seward; Christopher Galusha of Seward; Clinton Koetter of Seward; Jared Kongsjord of Seward; Chase Prochnow of Seward; Brady Smith of Seward; Shea Thompson of Seward; Austin Van Velson of Seward; Jarod Nekl of Shelby; Erica Pokorney of Shelby; Hunter Miller of Stromsburg; Bailey Pinkelman of Stromsburg; Camron Watson of Stromsburg; Colby Young of Stromsburg; Will Bailey of York; Bryce Danielson of York; Josie Hulse of York; Thomas Morris of York; Simon Otte of York; Katherine Sieck of York and Maxx Troester of York.

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