Sheriff office renovations

YORK – The county’s 911 dispatchers have been moved to the new addition of the courthouse and renovations are actively underway in the area of the sheriff’s department inside the courthouse.

The current communications equipment has been moved to the new addition – this happened last week. During the move, emergency communications were routed to Seward County until all was up and running in the new addition.

In a few weeks, the new emergency communications equipment will be installed and the old will be removed.

York County Commissioner Randy Obermier, who sits on the project committee with Commissioner Bill Bamesberger, said Thursday, “the call center has been up and running and things have been going well.”

The York County Sheriff’s Department is currently located in the basement of the courthouse as the regular space is a construction zone right now. When the renovations are completed, the sheriff staff will move back up to their original space which will have been modified.

For right now, if someone needs to visit the sheriff’s department, they can go downstairs where they will be greeted by administrative personnel. Deputies are also working out of that space for the time being.

When it comes to the public wanting to visit inmates at the jail, they will utilize the same entrance on the north side of the building that has been historically used. However, Commissioner Obermier wanted to point out that they will need to check with the sheriff’s department about visitation schedules.

“Visitation times will change up time to time, due to the renovation work that is underway and different jobs are being done each day,” Commissioner Obermier said. “It all really depends on the work that is going on at any given time. Anyone wanting to visit the jail will just need to check with the sheriff’s department first to see when they can get in to do so.”

The county commissioners have been meeting in the York County Courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse, also due to the construction work. After the renovations are complete, the county commissioners’ meeting room will be on the first floor of the courthouse in an area that had been occupied as a work room for the sheriff’s department. Interestingly enough, this space is where the commissioners used to hold their meetings (many years ago), before a room was created in the basement.

York/Seward County Emergency Management Director Gary Peterson still has his office space in the basement of the courthouse – that has always been the case and will remain as such, Obermier said.

“We just want to thank the public for their patience with this project,” Obermier said. “And we just ask that everyone continue to have patience. This project has taken awhile, yes, and now we are in even a stickier spot because of tearing into things for the renovations. We appreciate patience and ask for that to continue. This will all be really great when it is finally completed.”

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