What fun activities do you remember doing when you were younger?

Many of us have a fond memory of going out into the neighborhood after dinner to play with our friends nearby. We would play hide-n-seek, go swimming until they closed the pool, or start a baseball game until it got too dark to see the ball.

We often wonder if our kids today are getting enough activity.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services, gives us a guide for what is best for kids. It recommends that children and youth, ages 6 through 17 years, do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. Examples of this type of activity include brisk walking, running, bicycle riding, swimming, and playing games such as baseball, softball, and soccer. https://www.hhs.gov/fitness/be-active/physical-activity-guidelines-for-americans/index.html

Great benefits come from kids being active! It promotes health and fitness. Active youth have higher levels of fitness, lower body fat, and stronger bones and muscles.

Being active also has brain health benefits for school-aged children. These benefits include doing better in school and having better memory. They also show less symptoms of depression.

Four Corners Health Department will be working with communities to make it easier for those who are ages 6 to 17 to be more active and to be safe. This first year of the grant will focus on project planning and development, with several communities.

This grant-funded project has specific priorities from the State of Nebraska that need to be addressed, which align well with the priorities of communities in the Four Corners’ District. The priority on which this project will focus is to reduce obesity/overweight among children and youth, including food insecurity and physical inactivity.

To learn more or to get involved, contact Four Corners at 877-337-3573 or info@fourcorners.ne.gov . For healthy living resources, visit Four Corners website at www.fourcorners.ne.gov

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