Two truckloads of plants destined for the dumpster are now decorating and beautifying York.

York Public School FFA was gifted the mass of plants. “We thought it was just going to be a handful of plants,” said YPS FFA co-sponsor Rachelle Staehr.

Renae Knutsen of York Walmart and her colleagues decided the store’s surplus flowers needed a better home. “I’d just assume give them to someone who can use them, instead of throwing them in the garbage,” Knutsen said. “A lot of the plants we donated to FFA were marked down twice and ready to throw away.”

While the plants weren’t in the best of shape, they will eventually adapt to their new homes. York FFA students have been planting the annuals – from petunias to geraniums -- in different locations across town. “We thought it would be so cool to have all of the flowers around town,” said York FFA co-sponsor Jason Hirschfeld. Several locations in York have been on the receiving end of the York Walmart-York FFA effort so far, including the York County Fairgrounds and Wessels Living History Farm. “We are very thankful that we were one of the groups selected to be the recipients of these plants,” said Vicki Northrop, Wessels Living History Farm Director. “I consider it one more step in developing a working relationship between the FFA and the farm.” York FFA is gifting the plants to other places. Each school in York – both parochial and public – will get plants from the York FFA, as well as other pending locations. “There is more to be spread throughout the community,” Hirschfeld said.

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