“I like the lifestyle here.” Javiera Arredondo of Santiago, Chile is a foreign exchange student at York High School.

YORK — There is a new face at York High School: Javiera Arredondo, who is a foreign exchange student from Santiago, Chile.

Arredondo, a senior, said life in York is much different from her hometown. “I live in the middle of the city – everywhere it’s so full, and I don’t like that.” she explained. “I like the lifestyle here. It’s not so busy.”

Arredondo keeps busy in Chile, not only in the classroom, but in sports. She is a competitive cheerleader in Chile, which has taken her to many places – including Disneyland last year. Of course, she is on the squad at YHS. “The cheerleading is pretty easy,” Arredondo said. “I like this kind of cheerleading – the uniform and the pompoms.”

Arredondo also plays soccer, but is more than a player than a fan. “I just want to play,” she said.

In the classroom, Arredondo enjoys art and geometry the most, but said American history is much more difficult. She said in Chile, students had to buy art supplies and mediums were limited. At YHS, Arredondo said, art class allows her to be more creative.

As for geometry, Arredondo said she likes her teacher and that it comes simpler to her. “Math is the same everywhere,” she said, and noted that English hasn’t been too challenging, as everyone learns English in Chile’s schools.

She said she likes the American school system better than the one back home. “You have the same teacher every year,” she said. University structure in Chile is more like what she’s experiencing at YHS, switching teachers among classes. “Now I feel ready to go to the university.” Following high school, Arredondo wants to attend university in Chile and study marketing.

Arredondo is staying with the Dan and Leslie Robinson family. She said that in her exchange student program, students can pick which country they go to, but from there it is taken up by the program. So far her exchange student experience, which may end in February, has been positive. “I feel so lucky being here.”

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