YORK -- Della Klingman’s guest, Jan Life, joined the 32 members of the Friendship Club as they enjoyed lunch and cards on Aug. 7, at Chances R.

Hostesses were Grace Bondegard and Pat Carpenter who shared a meaningful grace before the meal.

The short business meeting featured Pledge of Allegiance, minutes and treasurer’s report. Cheryl Roode reported that four cards were sent to members needing friendly care. President Bonnie Wilson reminded members that pitch now goes for eight rounds to complete the session. Her ending thought for the day: “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

A birthday donation was given by Beverly Broadwell.

Bridge winners were Lora Boyer, Pat Carpenter and Jan Taylor. No pitch tallies were left to show the winners.

Next month’s hostesses will be Jan Taylor and Sonya Burgener on Sept. 4.

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